CVC Fish And Wildlife Crossing Guidelines


CVC Fish And Wildlife Crossing Guidelines

Credit Valley Conservation - 2017

Organization: Credit Valley Conservation

Location: Credit River watershed, Ontario


Credit Valley Conservation’s (CVC) Fish and Wildlife Crossing Guideline provides guidance on reducing impacts to wildlife and incorporating best management practices (BMP) within transportation planning and development projects. The document summarizes the current state of scientific knowledge on road ecology, crossing system design and best management practices in order to:

- Improve the function of natural heritage systems (including municipal, regional and the Credit Valley watershed natural heritage systems)

- Promote land conservation by protecting wildlife species, habitat and movement corridors required for lifecycle processes

- Encourage collaboration and proper consultation with all relevant agencies in order to promote effective and timely project planning, development and review

- Allow proponents to incorporate BMPs, mitigation measures and crossing systems from project initiation

- Improve human and wildlife safety within CVC’s jurisdiction and reduce costs associated with vehicular-wildlife collisions

Proponents are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all relevant information and ensuring compliance with the legislation and policies of all applicable agencies. The information provided within this guideline is not authoritative, but recommended in order to minimize application review time and ensure the protection of significant ecological features and their associated functions within CVC jurisdiction.

Part of CVC’s mandate is to conserve, restore and manage the natural resources in the Credit River watershed. CVC has Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with many of our member municipalities to identify significant natural features and functions, and to review environmental studies for any development that may impact natural features and functions. Under Ontario Regulation 160/06 (Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alteration to Watercourses and Shorelines Regulation), CVC reviews development proposals to ensure any interference with wetlands or alterations to a watercourse is acceptable and that any development within a regulated area meets all CVC requirements under the Regulation including conservation of land.


Document Type: pre-mitigation protocols BMP mitigation design
Project Type: fencing habitat creation/restoration signage timing of road projects traffic calming underpass
Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway large underpass medium underpass new roadway small underpass
Fauna: small mammals medium mammals large mammals reptiles amphibians fish/aquatic organisms