Turtle Crossing Mitigation Measures


Turtle Crossing Mitigation Measures

Matthew Wheeler and Chris Heffernan - 2013

Organization: McIntosh Perry for City of Kingston

Location: Kingston, Ontario


In order to assess turtle crossings on City roadways and to provide options to reduce turtle mortalities, the consulting firm McIntosh Perry completed a report on behalf of the Engineering Department. The two most critical crossing areas for turtles were determined to be 1) Highway #2 (Westbrook/Collins Creek) and 2) Princess Street (Ambassador Hotel to bridge over train tracks). The most effective method to reduce turtle mortalities at these areas is the installation of
chainlink fencing at a total cost for both sites of $215,000 plus annual maintenance expenses. Other options include the employment of variable message boards with a warning for motorists at a cost of $80,000 for both sites or the addition of amber flashing beacons to the existing turtle warning signs at a cost of $20,000 for both sites. The effectiveness of warning signage, whether it be with a variable message board or signage with a flashing amber beacon, is however


Document Type: mitigation design post-mitigation monitoring guidelines justification to mitigate other mitigation initiatives
Project Type: fencing habitat creation/restoration signage underpass
Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway large underpass medium underpass small underpass
Fauna: reptiles