Turtle Road Mortality Mitigation Project 2014-2016 Final Report


Turtle Road Mortality Mitigation Project 2014-2016 Final Report

Glenside Ecological Services Limited - 2016

Organization: Haliburton Highlinds Lands Trust/ Glenside Ecological Services Ltd.

Location: Haliburton, Ontario


The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust set out to test the effectiveness of a unique design of barrier wall and aquatic underpass in reducing turtle road mortality. Through the implementation of a robust BACI study design, over 5500 hours of monitoring, exceptional community effort and support, and rigorous statistical analysis the following was concluded:
 The barrier wall design significantly reduced the number of turtles on the section of road between the wall;
 The barrier wall design is robust and was not compromised in the two years of monitoring;
 The curved ends of the barrier wall redirected 23% of the turtles encountering the end of the wall back towards the culvert underpass;
 The number of turtles beyond the barrier wall did not increase significantly after the barrier wall was installed and therefore the turtles are not altering the crossing point to beyond the wall in response to the mitigation; and
 A 1.2m diameter semi-aquatic culvert underpass, in combination with the barrier wall design, effectively provided passage between wetlands for all target turtle species.


Document Type: mitigation design mitigation monitoring results
Project Type: fencing underpass
Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway medium underpass small underpass
Fauna: reptiles