Low-Volume Roads Engineering - Best Management Practices Field Guide


Low-Volume Roads Engineering - Best Management Practices Field Guide

Gordon Keller, James Sherar - 2003

Organization: USAID, USDA



The Conservation Management Institute (CMI) in the College of Natural Resources at
Virginia Tech is dedicated to helping apply sound scientific principles to the management
of renewable natural resources around the world. Access is an important consideration
in many settings — not only to facilitate utilization of natural resources, but also to enable people
to reach markets for their products and health services. However, it is vital that roads constructed
provide adequate access while following sound practices for environmental protection
wherever possible. Improperly constructed roads can negatively impact everything from terrestrial
plant populations and soil conservation efforts to water quality and populations of aquatic
organisms in receiving waters.
This manual was originally published in Spanish as “Practicas Mejoradas de Caminos
Forestales” by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for use throughout
Latin America, and has proven valuable in helping to protect forest-based resources. It became
clear that the practical advice offered in this manual could be of value to resource managers
throughout the world. So, to reach this broader audience and inspired by the original Spanish
work, CMI and the USDA Forest Service have collaborated to produce this updated version in
English. We hope that the materials presented here are useful to you.
This project grew from our collaboration with Gerald Bauer, of the US Forest Service, on
natural resource education programs in Latin America. Mr. Bauer was a contributor to the
original manual and found the publication in great demand. This collaboration exemplifies our
involvement with USAID and the Forest Service on many natural resource projects. We
encourage you to contact USFS or CMI if we can be of assistance in your conservation efforts.
Finally, we acknowledge the notable efforts of Julie McClafferty of CMI, who was instrumental
in preparing this manual for publication.


Document Type: BMP
Project Type:
Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway new roadway
Fauna: small mammals medium mammals large mammals reptiles amphibians fish/aquatic organisms