Vermont Transportation & Habitat Connectivity Guidance Document


Vermont Transportation & Habitat Connectivity Guidance Document

Vermont Agency of Transportation - 2012

Organization: Vermont Agency of Transportation

Location: Vermont


The information contained in this guidance document will inform transportation planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance activities, as well as related wildlife and ecological systems monitoring.

The document is organized into 3 main sections:(1) planning,(2) design and construction, and(3) operations, maintenance, and monitoring. The sections describe steps and procedures, and specific examples of how to address challenges associated with ecosystems, wildlife, and transportation focusing on step by step processes and checklists relevant to planning and managing roadways for increased habitat connectivity.


Document Type: BMP
Project Type: fencing habitat creation/restoration overpass routine maintenance guidelines shelf signage timing of road projects traffic calming underpass
Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway large underpass medium underpass new roadway small underpass
Fauna: small mammals medium mammals large mammals reptiles amphibians fish/aquatic organisms