Highway Median Impacts on Wildlife Movement and Mortality


Highway Median Impacts on Wildlife Movement and Mortality

Anthony P. Clevenger, Angela V. Kociolek - 2006

Organization: Western Transportation Institute College of Engineering Montana State University

Location: US


Highway median barriers are used to separate lanes of traffic and enhance motorist safety on freeways and multi-lane interstate highways.
Median barriers of all types have the potential to impede animal movements across highways. Barriers may also increase the risk of road
mortality if wildlife becomes trapped or confused while on the road searching for a place to cross.
A recent Transportation Research Board report highlighted the need to better understand the potential impacts of highway barriers. The lack of
information to properly assess environmental impacts is causing significant project delays and increasing transportation project costs.
This study includes a state of the practice survey and a review and synthesis of the literature on highway median barriers, their impacts to
wildlife movement and performance of mitigative design solutions and provides Caltrans with research recommendations.


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Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway new roadway
Fauna: small mammals medium mammals large mammals reptiles amphibians