Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study


Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study

M.P. Huijser, P. McGowen, J. Fuller, A. Hardy, A. Kociolek, A.P. Clevenger, D. Smith and R. Ament - 2008

Organization: US Department of Transportation Federal Highways Administration

Location: US


Under the SAFETEA-LU Congressional Bill, the Secretary of Transportation was directed to conduct a national wildlifevehicle
collision (WVC) reduction study. The study was to advance the understanding of the causes and impacts of WVCs and
identify solutions to this growing safety problem.
This report contains the findings of this study, beginning with estimates on the current magnitude and trend for WVCs in the
United States. Based on several national datasets, the study found that there are between one and two million WVCs annually in
the United States and that the number is increasing. Estimates are provided for the costs associated with WVCs, and the impact
of direct road mortality is described for 21 federally listed threatened and endangered species. The core of the report is an indepth
review of over 34 WVC mitigation methods assembled from information obtained from hundreds of literature sources
(both published and “gray” literature). Each mitigation measure is described in detail, and information including case studies,
benefits, costs, undesirable effects, and design guidelines is provided. The report also covers planning and design considerations
and provides cost-benefit analyses for the mitigation methods that had sufficient data available to support these analyses. A
working group of seven national experts provided input and evaluated the effectiveness of the mitigation methods, categorizing
them as either recommended for implementation, recommended for future research, or not recommended for future research or
implementation. A summary of their evaluation is included in this report. Recommendations for implementation of effective
measures and for further investigation of promising mitigation measures are provided.


Document Type: mitigation design justification to mitigate other mitigation initiatives other resources
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Infrastructure Asset: existing roadway
Fauna: small mammals medium mammals large mammals reptiles amphibians