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pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines post-mitigation monitoring guidelines Using Citizen Science to Advance Environmental Research and Monitoring in Alberta Tracy Lee, Rachelle Haddock, Danah Duke 2016
BMP mitigation design Vermont Agency of Transportation Bridge Grubbing Specification Vermont Agency of Transportation
BMP Vermont Transportation & Habitat Connectivity Guidance Document Vermont Agency of Transportation 2012
BMP Vermont’s Best Management Practices for Highways & Wildlife Connectivity Fraser Shilling, Patricia Cramer, Laura Farrell and Conrad Reining 2012
mitigation design justification to mitigate Waterdown Road Widening Detailed Design Wildlife Crossing Safety Plan Melissa Torchia and Terry Kelly 2017
pre-mitigation protocols BMP mitigation design pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines policy Waterway and Wildlife Crossing Policy and Design Guide for Aquatic Organism, Wildlife Habitat, and Hydrologic Connectivity, 3rd Edition Maine DOT, Environmental Division in collaboration with other agencies 2008
pre-mitigation protocols mitigation design justification to mitigate other mitigation initiatives Wildlife Accident Monitoring and Mitigation in British Columbia: WARS 1988-2007 Special Annual Report Leonard Sielecki 2010
pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines justification to mitigate Wildlife Monitoring at Road Crossings in the Western Maine MountainsFinal Report Barbara Charry and Emily Bastian 2016
justification to mitigate policy Wildlife Mortality Awareness Signs Provincial Memo Ontario Ministry of Transportation 2018
BMP mitigation design Wildlife Passage Engineering Design Guidelines Stantec Consulting, Ltd 2010
justification to mitigate Wildlife Road Watch: Citizen Scientist Observations 2010-2014 Barbara Charry 2014
public stewardship other resources Wildlife Roadkill Identification Pocket Guide B.C. 2009 Leonard Sielecki 2009
mitigation design justification to mitigate other mitigation initiatives other resources Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study M.P. Huijser, P. McGowen, J. Fuller, A. Hardy, A. Kociolek, A.P. Clevenger, D. Smith and R. Ament 2008
BMP mitigation design York Region Reconstruction Project in an Environmentally Sensitive Area