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BMP mitigation design post-mitigation monitoring guidelines Environmental Guide for Mitigating Road Impacts to Wildlife Original author Geoff Gartshore assisted by Ewa Bednarczuk, Ecoplans Ltd, reviewed and updated by Kari Gunson, Eco-Kare International with assistance from Dr. Marcel Huijser with Section 4 2017
pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines post-mitigation monitoring guidelines mitigation monitoring results Evaluation of Wildlife Crossing Structures on US 93 in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley Patricia Cramer, Robert Hamlin 2017
mitigation monitoring results Determining Wildlife Use Of Wildlife Crossing Structures Under Different Scenarios Patricia Cramer, Utah State University, Department of Wildland Resources and Utah Transportation Center 2012
BMP mitigation design Best Management Practices for Wildlife Corridors Paul Beier, Dan Majka, Shawn Newell, Emily Garding 2008
pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines Reducing Wildlife Mortality on Roads in Vermont: Documenting Wildlife Movement near Bridges and Culverts to Improve Related Conservation Investments Paul Marangelo & Laura Farrell 2016
justification to mitigate Camera Trapping to Advance Wildlife Connectivity Implementation in Coos County, NH Peter Steckler, Arianna Soear, Timothy Norton 2016
pre-mitigation protocols mitigation design implementation results mitigation monitoring results Evaluation of Moose-Vehicle Collision Mitigation Pilot Initiatives Policy, Planning, and Evaluation, Division Department of Transportation and Works 2014
BMP Massachusetts River and Stream Crossing Standards River and Stream Continuity Partnership 2011
justification to mitigate Critical Linkages: Assessing Connectivity Restoration Potential For Culvert Replacement, Dam Removal And Construction Of Wildlife Passage Structures In Massachusetts Scott D. Jackson, Bradley W. Compton, Kevin McGargial
implementation results mitigation monitoring results LESSONS LEARNED: TERRY FOX DRIVE WILDLIFE GUIDE SYSTEM INTENDED TO REDUCE ROAD KILLS AND AID THE CONSERVATION OF BLANDING'S TURTLE Shawn R. Taylor, Nicholas Stow, Caleb Hasler, Kevin Robinson 2014
BMP mitigation design Wildlife Passage Engineering Design Guidelines Stantec Consulting, Ltd 2010
pre-mitigation monitoring guidelines post-mitigation monitoring guidelines Using Citizen Science to Advance Environmental Research and Monitoring in Alberta Tracy Lee, Rachelle Haddock, Danah Duke 2016
BMP mitigation design Vermont Agency of Transportation Bridge Grubbing Specification Vermont Agency of Transportation
BMP Vermont Transportation & Habitat Connectivity Guidance Document Vermont Agency of Transportation 2012